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    Improve Your Chinese Language With These Fun Karaoke Songs

    Improve Your Chinese Language With These Fun Karaoke Songs

    Chinese Course Singapore, Chinese Language Course Singapore

    Singing karaoke is absolute fun for everyone. Serving as an enjoyable pastime, many bars and entertainment centres have made the decision to base their entire businesses around it.

    In fact, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘KTV’ or even experienced it before, but if you’re uncertain, here’s what it means!

    What Is KTV?

    KTV, also known as karaoke television, is an entertainment platform where Chinese locals can unwind after a long day, to sing-along to songs while enjoying beverages and snacks. These entertainment centres usually comprise different lounges, where guests can appreciate each other’s company while bonding through singing their favorite Chinese songs together.

    Lounges come with different wireless microphones, stages, and televisions with subtitles on them. Not to forget, the crazy and high-quality sound system that allows you to perform in front of your friends, colleagues, or even new acquaintances.

    If you are looking to improve your Chinese speech, you can easily do so via music. Even if you don’t comprehend or know the meaning behind the lyrics, memorising words is much easier with the help of a catchy tune or melody.

    Here are our favourite KTV songs you can start jamming to while preparing for your next trip to the karaoke lounge.

    The Classics

    In general, Chinese people are very patriotic. They love songs about their cities or landmarks, and songs that are timeless are extremely popular at KTV lounges too. Here’s a list of our favourites from the classics category:

    1. The Wandering Songstress – A song by Zhou Xuan that was originally the theme song for the 1937 movie ‘Street Angel’.
    2. When my Dear Come Again – Also released in 1937 by Zhou Xuan, the song was part of a ‘Stars Moving around the Moon’ theme. With a soft and tranquil melody, this song brings calmness to its listeners.
    3. In that Distance Place – Composed by Wang Luobin, the song is an adaptation of the Kazakh folk song which is about a King.
    4. The Night Jasmine – Sung originally by Li Xianglan in 1944, the Night Jasmine has become increasingly popular, with many singers making covers of the song since it was first released.

    Modern Songs

    The currently trending songs that you will hear all over the streets and at karaoke bars are:

    1. Mojito – Sung by the king of Mandopop, Jay Chou, Mojito is fun and vibrant.
    2. Your Love Song – Lv Jian Zhong, popularly known as Tank, wrote the lyrics to this beautiful serenade which has been streamed millions of times throughout the globe.
    3. Your Answer – An upbeat song that inspires courage, sung by renowned musician A Rong.


    If you want to be part of the party while improving your Chinese language, you should definitely jump on the karaoke train! Chinese pop is one of the best ways to learn Chinese, as you get to have fun while familiarising yourself with certain words.

    You can also take the extra step by enrolling in Mandarin lessons to enhance your language skills further. An experienced teacher will guide you along the way as you hone your skills and upgrade yourself by taking on a new language. With a highly-qualified Chinese course in Singapore, you will receive valuable input to master the Chinese language, making it a walk in the park.