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    Learning About Chinese Culture Through the Language

    Learning About Chinese Culture Through the Language

    learn chinese language singapore

    China is the largest country in Asia, and the fourth largest country globally. It is also the richest country in the world according to both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Not too long ago, it was referred to as a third-world country and seen as backwards and dysfunctional. Their meteoric rise to wealth can be attributed to their industry and innovation.

    The population of China has also soared over the years and is now nearing the 1.4 billion mark, even with childbearing laws in place. The language of communication is Chinese, used in all aspects of life.

    In this article, we will explore how the language has brought out Chinese culture.

    The language that we know today as Chinese can trace its origins to 1300 years BC, where the earliest known forms of writing in China dates too. Through written Chinese, we can access information from millennia ago, no matter how crude it may be. The script has naturally evolved to enable easier learning. Nowadays we get to study whatever was recorded from back then, thus preserving the unique histories and cultures.

    Oral traditions are one of the ways we preserve our various cultures from generation to generation. The origin of the Chinese language is also based on a legend and mythical creature. The Yellow Emperor commissioned the invention of symbols of writing, of a dedicated written script for Chinese. This task of coming up with symbols was bestowed on Cangjie, credited in legends as being the inventor of Chinese symbols of writing. The story involves Cangjie, who had four eyes, seeing an impression on the ground from the hoof of a Pixiu, also a mythical creature, inspiring him to develop a script reflecting the respective unique aspects of everything on Earth.

    The purpose of these symbols was to record what was happening in the Empire, making governance easier for relevant bodies. This type of visionary leadership exercised by the Yellow Emperor not only ensured his Empire was in order; but also gave birth to a written language we still use today, to pass on such traditions and preserving Chinese culture.

    As mentioned earlier, China was not the great superpower we know it to be today. A lot of growth and development has taken place over the last 50 years to see it become the giant it is today. This speaks volumes about the hardworking nature of the Chinese people, embedded in their culture.

    You would not expect a country that speaks a language indigenous to them to make such a mark internationally. The Chinese language is a symbol of national unity and it is evident in the country that they come together because of their common language, taking into account the different dialects.

    When you learn the language, you learn about a new culture. If you learn the chinese language in singapore, you will enjoy the benefits that come with learning the Chinese language. It will also make it easy for you to understand nuances within Chinese culture. So why not enrol for a business chinese course in singapore and enjoy interacting with the Chinese people and experience their culture for yourself?