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    Learning And Mastering The Top Four Hardest Languages

    Learning And Mastering The Top Four Hardest Languages

    Learn Chinese Language
    When it comes to learning hard foreign languages, persistence is the key. You must be determined to learn because at times what will separate the losers and winners is perseverance. Some languages are easy to know because they are similar to your mother tongue hence you do not have to get someone to teach you. Others are hard, and if you are not determined, you won’t grasp anything.

    Some people must learn a language to survive. For example, you might be forced to speak in a certain language to get a job or to relate well to clients. It is, therefore, crucial to learn even the hardest language when there is time.

    Below are the four hardest languages to learn for an English speaking person.


    Do you know what the most spoken language in the world is today? It is not English; it is Mandarin. Ironically, Mandarin is the hardest language to learn for an English speaking person. Mandarin is a tonal language, and so it is tough to master for any person who is used to English. It also has multiple meanings for the same word such that you have to understand almost the entire language to start making sense. The fact that it is full of idioms picked throughout the centuries makes it even harder for a foreigner to master.

    It doesn’t matter how hard mandarin is to master. There are many Mandarin classes in Singapore has to offer due to demand. You can also find a Chinese person to teach you. The idea is to learn it as you go about your daily activities than when in your room or the classroom. But, if you’re looking to have a dedicated focus to learn the Chinese language, go for the classes.


    Every English speaking person finds it extremely hard to learn Arabic. This is because the rules of grammar in English are so different from those of Arabic. For example, there are no vowels in this language and yet English speakers are guided by vowels to make words. It is, therefore, hard to interpret English to Arabic because of the missing vowels. To complicate the matter more, the Arabic language has different dialects. Arabic spoken in Egypt, for example, is different from that spoken in Saudi Arabia. Of course, there are similarities, but you cannot say you know Arabic if you have learnt one dialect only.


    To learn a language, you first need to know the rules which govern it. If you are an English speaker and you wish to learn Hungarian, you will be in for a big shock. The language has the most difficult grammar rules to fathom. For instance, the suffixes denote tense and possession, unlike the word order as is found in the majority of European languages.

    If you want to learn the Hungarian language fast, get time to master the rules. Once this is done, it becomes easier to know this language.


    Everyone loves their mother tongue. It is the most natural language to learn. Many assume all languages are easy to learn. However, when you move out and learn other languages, you will realise some are harder than others. An English speaking person will find it hard to learn Mandarin, Arabic and Hungarian languages because they are totally different from English. If you must learn them, the above tips can help you do it fast.