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    Learning Chinese Pinyin

    Learning Chinese Pinyin

    Learning Chinese Pinyin

    Learning Chinese Pinyin

    How to Type Chinese Pinyin with Tone Marks (meaning to have the tone above the pinyin)

    There is an easier way to present Chinese characters by typing Chinese Pinyin with tone marks is to copy the below and paste them into your word file / notes and save in your mobile phone or personal computer.

    ā á ǎ à ē é ě è ī í ǐ ì ō ó ǒ ò ū ú ǔ ù

    Learning Chinese and writing Chinese are a bit different but with the “U.S. Extended” keyboard input, allows you to enter in all the necessary accents for Chinese Language Pinyin by simply holding down the option key when hitting certain vowel keys.

    This is most likely only of any help if you are a Mac user and you also can do it on your iPhone.

    If you have to do a whole lot of typing Pinyin, you can use some Pinyin tool when you google online

    This Mandarin language tools provide a simple way to type Pinyin tone marks into any Windows program. You do not have to copy-paste, or use macros, or memorize alternative keyboards. Best of all, you don’t even have to think about which vowel the tone goes over!

    Simply type Chinese Pinyin naturally, adding a 1, 2, 3, or 4 at the end of each syllable to add the appropriate tone mark. Use the “v” key to type a “ü”.