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Mandarin 101: Where To Start And How To Begin

Mandarin 101: Where To Start And How To Begin

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So you want to learn Mandarin in Singapore? Finally convinced yourself to take Mandarin classes but don’t have any idea where or how to start? Taking on a new language and trying to learn by enrolling yourself in some proper classes takes a lot of effort and drive to get you started and motivated throughout the course.

You might have put off learning Mandarin for quite some time now because you don’t have any idea how you should start.

In this article, we will be talking about some basic tips and tricks to help you begin your journey towards learning a new language— in this instance, Mandarin!

Research, research!

No idea where to begin? The best thing that you can do to get yourself started is to research. Research about Mandarin and what you can expect. By the time you finally enrolled yourself in a Chinese language class, you will already be clear on what is asked of you. Doing research can also help you locate institutions that offer quality classes.

Figure out why you want to learn.

In order to start, you must know why you want to learn a particular language. For example, do you want to learn Mandarin for easy conversation whenever you are visiting a Mandarin-speaking country where? Knowing the reason why you want to study a particular language can help you set specific and attainable goals.

Choose the right course for you.

While there may be a ton of Mandarin language programs available, ask the school about the different courses on offer and what a package includes. For example, package A is different from package B in terms of course materials and the duration of each session. Do not hesitate to ask the language school what they can recommend for you. Doing so ensures that you are getting what you paid for by maximising each and every aspect of your chosen language course session or package.

Buy appropriate course materials.

When you enrol yourself in one of Singapore’s mandarin courses, expect that you will be handed basic course materials that you can use to learn before each session starts or you can do readings before classes formally start. However, to fully maximise your capabilities and ability to learn, why not purchase some handy course materials for beginners? Chances are, these course materials can greatly help you improve your skills too!

Keep on practising.

Now, do not get discouraged if you cannot keep up with your course from day one. This is totally normal! What you can do is to keep on practising and learning to ensure that you can ace future quizzes, recitations, and tests. Giving yourself appropriate and ample time to practice will produce quality results in the future. Practice makes perfect–that is what you always have to remember!