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Master Chinese The Easy Way: Tips For Chinese Learners

Master Chinese The Easy Way: Tips For Chinese Learners

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Mandarin Chinese has the reputation of being one of the hardest – if not the hardest – language to learn by native English speakers. That’s because it is just so different from English, with its different tones and symbolic writing system.

But what if we told you that there are ways to make learning Chinese easier for you?

Learning anything properly takes time and effort, but with the right approach, it is possible to expedite the process significantly! When it comes to learning Chinese, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Talk to a fluent speaker

Having someone around who speaks the language at native-level proficiency is always handy when learning a language. They give you opportunities to practise the language, and are able to provide you with feedback to help you improve.

At the end of the day, you learn a language so that you can communicate. So, learning through real-life communication will guarantee you very practical and relevant experiences to speed up your learning process.

The great thing is, Chinese is a language widely spoken in the world, so you won’t have a hard time finding a Chinese speaker around you. If you don’t have friends or family who know Chinese, try reaching out to colleagues, or source in an online community.

2. Use technology

Technology has come a long way, and it has given us so many conveniences we enjoy each day. So why not use it for your language learning?

The Internet makes it easy for anyone to search up definitions, example sentences and pronunciations online on demand. You can also look up video lessons for quick refreshers on specific topics to learn independently.

Ironically, the only downfall with the Internet seems to be that there is too much information. Picking reliable and well-organised resources can be a challenge in itself.

3. Read children’s books

If reading Chinese is something you want to brush up on, then reading is the way to go! Don’t shy away from children’s books just because you are beyond that age. Children’s books are great for beginners because they are made to be simple. As a bonus, they are often graded according to age or reading level, so you can easily find books that match your reading fluency.

Books also have the advantage of being easily accessible – you can find them at libraries where they are free to borrow!

4. Join a language class

Those who are serious about picking up the language will fare well by joining a Mandarin course. There are plenty of Mandarin courses in Singapore that cater to adult learners, and you can find all sorts from conversational Mandarin to business Mandarin.

Language courses give you the advantage of a structured and specially designed curriculum – something you don’t get when you attempt to learn the language yourself. If you choose to enrol in a group class, you also gain the chance to meet other like-minded learners whom you can practise the language with.

Or if you prefer a more tailored programme, you can opt for private one-on-one tutoring. This will give you the ultimate personalised experience and speed up your journey to fluency in Chinese.

It is rare to hear anyone say that learning Chinese is a walk in the park. But these tips will help make the learning process easier and more enjoyable, so that you can attain proficiency with less stress! Try them out, and become the Chinese speaker you dreamt of becoming!