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    PSLE Chinese (7-12yrs old)

    PSLE Chinese

    There are many reasons for our children to learn Chinese and do well in it. First and foremost, for the Chinese language, this is our mother tongue and part of our “roots”. Next, in Singapore where we follow a bilingual education system, our children are required to do well in Chinese academically. Last but not least, when our children grow up in future, it is a tool that may help them do well in their work life.
    For parents whose children are in primary schools, the most immediate concern is the importance of the Chinese language for our children, in line with Singapore’s education system.

    In primary school, Chinese language is one of the four examinable subjects at PSLE for students taking it as their Mother Tongue Language (MTL). Ability to do well in PSLE Chinese means that our children have more time to concentrate on the other subjects, or do other activities including having more time to play.

    Under MOE’s policy, subject based banding (SSB) provides pupils with a differentiated curriculum that would best maximize their potential. The pupils are grouped in different classes for PSLE Higher Chinese, standard PSLE Chinese, and foundation Chinese lessons respectively.

    Children who can do well in PSLE Chinese get more lesson time in higher Chinese class each week. They are placed in a more encouraging and motivating environment that includes activities like story telling, writing competitions and others similar such activities that inspire them to go further. Children doing higher Chinese for PSLE get bonus points that give them better chances to enter their chosen secondary school, where they are likely to be offered to continue in higher Chinese education.

    • Modelled according to the new MOE syllabus
    • To develop students’ writing, reading, speaking and listening skills
    • Build stronger vocabulary list and grammar foundation of Chinese
    • Reinforce the linguistic foundation of Chinese language and guide students to apply their language skills in both comprehension and composition
    • Chinese lessons are delivered 20% above the average school standard to ensure students are equipt with the knowledge for higher challenges
    • Integrates Confucian Analects, proverbs, idioms, adages, verses, poetry and prose during every lesson.
    • Master techniques in tackling comprehension questions commonly asked during exams
    • Taught by a team of top-notch teachers who are specialist in Chinese language (including Top School teachers, Renowned textbook and assessment book authors
    • Classes are arrange to suit the learning ability of each students (all level of ability)

    PSLE Chinese

    The PSLE Chinese examination is designed by the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of Singapore’s Ministry of Education.

    The examination consists of 3 papers, in the following structure:

    01 Composition Open-ended 40 20% 50 min
    02 Paper 1
    Language Use, Cloze
    Passage & Comprehension
    Multiple Choice (MCQ) 90 45% 1hr 40min
    02 Paper 2
    Conversation & Comprehension
    Open-ended 90 45% 1hr 40min
    03 Listening Comprehension Multiple Choice (MCQ) 20 35% About 40 min
    03 Oral Communication Open-ended 50 35% About 10 min
    Total 200 100%
    At Chinese Edge together with the wide variety of core curriculum materials, we have a diverse range of supplementary and general materials available for pupils to practice and revise while they are in or outside of the classroom. All our general materials are written based on the latest Ministry of Education (Singapore)’s syllabus and they complement the core curriculum materials that we produce.
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