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Reading More And How It Aids Your Chinese Learning Journey

Reading More And How It Aids Your Chinese Learning Journey

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Learning how to speak Chinese is the focus of many language learners taking up online Mandarin classes. However, this opens them up to neglecting other aspects of the language-learning process. Specifically, knowing how to write and read Chinese, with the latter being rather essential.

But why exactly should one care about knowing how to read Chinese? For starters, there are many benefits to reading Chinese more often when trying to learn the language. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Reading helps improve your vocabulary

While you shouldn’t mistake a vast vocabulary with fluency, it is important to know many words if you want to become proficient in any language, including Mandarin. As a side benefit of reading more often to increase your vocabulary, you also get to enjoy the pleasures of reading. It’ll also allow you to search for and find books of interest to you, enabling you to learn even more words faster because you enjoy the reading material.

The more you read, the more fluent you become

When you read, you also get a chance to pick up the many everyday phrases of the language. This has a direct effect on your fluency and speaking as well. Because you understand the common language better, which often contains a lot of these idioms and phrases, you’ll be able to speak Chinese better as well.

While on the subject of learning how to speak Chinese, when you read, you also get to practice your speech in a safe space where you’re not afraid to be judged for making a mistake.

Your comprehension improves the more you read

When you read, you’re not just learning how to read the characters in the Chinese language. You’re also learning how to formulate ideas based on the words that you read. This allows you to improve your comprehension as you’re no longer just focused on reading one word at a time but entire sentences and paragraphs, if not books.

Reading helps build the foundation of your language

It’s been said that immersing yourself in a language is the best way to learn it. However, while complete immersion is ideal, it’s not possible for everybody. Not to mention, focusing too much on immersion and less on reading makes you miss out on the many benefits it has on your language learning, like the ones we’ve already mentioned.


Remember that reading builds part of your language core. The wider your vocabulary is, the easier it becomes for you to follow what a native speaker says. Because of this, if you’re not an avid reader, you’ll find it more difficult to follow conversations in Chinese than if you read regularly. Also, if you’re taking a formal Mandarin course, supplementing your studies by reading and practising even out of the classroom will naturally enable you to learn the Chinese language at a much quicker pace.