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Reading Tips For Chinese Language Learners | SkillsFuture Credit Approved

Reading Tips For Chinese Language Learners | SkillsFuture Credit Approved

Reading Tips For Chinese Language Learners | SkillsFuture Credit Approved


As an easy first step to familiarize yourself in Mandarin is to decide what characters you want to learn. Is it the traditional or the simplified? Of course, it always depends on what you are planning on doing with your Chinese language skills. For example; if its for travel and most of your destinations are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or most Chinatowns across the world, then by all means go for traditional ones, as they are used in these locations.

But, if you are planning to stay or work in the mainland China, then you can save yourself from studying the traditional Chinese characters since they use the simplified one. Most Chinese Language School teach the 2000 basic characters first because Chinese characters actually have more than 200,000 characters, but you don’t have to worry about it since you don’t need to learn all of them to be a good Chinese reader. Here are the things you should know first.

  • Recognizing its meaning from its shape

This is one of the very important point to know when you want to learn Chinese and its characters since it’s not like the usual alphabets.

  • Knowing the tone and pronunciation depending on context

Pronunciation and tone of the Chinese word is important since the same character may have a different pronunciations.


Knowing the stroke order to write it

In the case of the character, you need to learn the different stroke order and meaning of the word and there is no better way to learn it by knowing how to write it first.

In addition, you should also know the character and individual components which This means that you should know why it’s important to know parts of characters as well as the meaning of individual characters.

Of course, it is very hard to learn it without a little help o guide unlike the speaking which you can learn just by watching or listening to movies or music, so the better way to learn fast is to enroll in a class.

For example, you can take a SkillsFuture courses to fasten your learning about the Chinese characters and also help you improve your Mandarin speaking skill.

Just always remember that, learning to read Chinese is not impossible, but depend on how much you really want to learn it.