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Reasons To Sign Your Child Up For Chinese Language Lessons

Reasons To Sign Your Child Up For Chinese Language Lessons

Learn Chinese In Singapore, Learn Chinese Singapore

Today, there are many Chinese speakers around the world. More and more people are picking up the Chinese language as well.

If you are a new parent, learning the Chinese language is one of the best things you should encourage your child to do. It is an investment that would pay off well in the future. However, the fact that more people are trying to learn Chinese is probably not enough to persuade and convince you.

That is why we have rounded up several reasons below on why it is a good idea to sign your child up for Chinese language lessons in Singapore.

1. It’s easier for children to learn a new language

Many experts and research studies agree that it is much easier for young children and teenagers to pick up a new language compared to adults. There are a lot of factors that affect this. However, it is mostly due to the intricacies of your native language that are hardwired into your brain, making it hard for you to adjust and learn the necessary foundational basics to adopt a new language.

The reason for it is because Chinese is a tonal language. Being a tonal language means that the same words could mean completely different depending on the tone used – your child is most likely going to find it much easier to pick up on the different sounds in comparison to adults.

2. Improved hand-eye coordination

Most adults who are learning Chinese do not pay much attention to master how to write Chinese characters with a brush. On the other hand, especially in today’s gadget-conscious world, your child is most likely to be exposed to smartphones and tablets frequently by institutions.

Teaching your child how to write the Chinese characters can be far more complicated than characters in the Western languages, but they are able to develop their fine motor skills and eventually enjoy better hand-eye coordination.

3. Improved cognitive development

Learning Chinese activates much more regions of the brain compared to other languages. In fact, there are research studies that show that Chinese speakers frequently use more parts of their brain as opposed to others, including English speakers. English speakers tend to alternate between the left and right hemisphere of their brain when communicating.

It is also believed that this balanced brain use could help improve overall cognitive development!

There are far more benefits to signing your child up for Chinese language lessons than the key points mentioned above. This includes improving your child’s social skills and helping them in their future career path, as China’s influence grows stronger by the day.

Ultimately, it is up to you as a parent to decide whether your child should ultimately learn Chinese and reap the benefits!