Difficulties Encountered When Learning Chinese Language | Skillsfuture Credit Approved

09 Apr Difficulties Encountered When Learning Chinese Language | Skillsfuture Credit Approved

Difficulties Encountered When Learning Chinese Language

Learning Chinese as a second language is very difficult to start with. Though there are different methods, you can choose, where to start the lesson is very challenging. It is often perceived that this language is the hardest to learn, but as you get to know the basics, you feel interested to further understand the structure and the advanced language settings. SkillsFuture language courses simplify all the challenges their students may face as they learn this new language. There are methods that aid the teachings to be more effective and easier for bilinguals. Most of the difficulties students encounter may be one of the following:

• Characters – The beauty of Chinese calligraphy often confuses the new learner. It is both interesting and challenging to study the scripts. It requires basic knowledge of phonetics or the Chinese alphabet to be able to master the characters. Most of the time, the writing is different from the manner of speaking.

• Authentic Materials – There are a lot of Chinese language materials out there, but the majority of those are not giving the right information or translation. You might need good recommendations from speakers to guide you where to find authentic multimedia. Online can have great tools to start with but just be very patient to search.

• Native Speakers – A great way to learn good communication is talking to a native speaker however not all of them speaks English or other languages unless you enrol in a school or languages centres.

Whatever the difficulties you may face upon learning, always bear in mind to keep your motivation and practice it more often to help you utilise the learning efficiently. If you think you may not be able to handle it yourself, there is a good option to enrol into a Chinese language course to learn more.

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