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    Speak Chinese fluently with Chinese Edge!

    Speak Chinese fluently with Chinese Edge!

    Mandarin Classes Singapore

    Chinese Edge

    We, at Chinese Edge provide Mandarin classes in Singapore. We provide a wide range of courses from Conversational Chinese to Business Chinese. These courses are designed to suit the needs and requirements of our clients including their budgets, schedules, and learning styles.

    The syllabus being used to teach the courses follows that of Hanban, which is affiliated to Ministry of Education of China. Our courses include Kids conversational Chinese, PSLE Chinese, GCE O & A levels Chinese, IB Chinese, and HSK learning.

    SkillsFuture Language Courses

    We are also highly reputed for WSQ SkillsFuture Language Courses. These are Chinese conversational courses aimed to improve the learners’ competence in Chinese communication. The SkillsFuture Language Courses helps the elementary learners to communicate better for their survival, daily life, learning, working, and social activities. It covers words, expressions, and Grammar which will be very useful for daily life communication.

    Benefits of SkillsFuture group lessons

    Some of the benefits of enrolling in SkillsFuture Language Courses include the fact that the accredited Chinese course syllabus is produced and imported from professional agencies in China, our Mandarin teachers are trained professionals and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified, the usage of interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin such as role-play, and the usage of effective learning tools such as video lessons and audio CD which has been proven to aid language learning, just to name a few.

    Client Testimonials

    ‘My Chinese teacher comes to my house for lessons twice a week, and I found myself improving a lot and start to speak Mandarin to my Chinese friends. Thank you Chinese Edge’ -Anne MacKaye.

    ‘I have enjoyed my Chinese language learning journey with Chinese Edge, their syllabus from Hanban and female Native trainers are excellent. Surely will recommend to anyone who is keen to learn Chinese’ – Leo Hansen.

    ‘My teacher Teresa is great. She is always patient and nice to us. Besides the content in the book, she is always happy to answer all our questions and prepared more conversations related to daily life. I feel I can use Chinese after class. Now I’m learning level 3 with Chinese Edge, and I think there is one day I will go to the advanced levels’ – Gavin Haris.

    Join us!

    Join our SkillsFuture Language Courses to speak fluent Mandarin in no time!