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Strategies You Can Follow When Learning Chinese

Strategies You Can Follow When Learning Chinese

Mandarin has many vestigial characters that you need not stress yourself with rehearsing. Out of the 3,500 characters, only a quarter is necessary to create meaningful conversations. However, to become a proficient speaker or writer, you require almost every character. The challenge can be a tough nut to crack. The essential part is that with appropriate strategies, you can master Mandarin within a short period.

In the journey of learning Chinese language, it is recommended to walk as a group. It can be long and tough when one decides to chart it alone. In Singapore, there are physical and online meeting points for Mandarin learners. It is advisable not to rely solely on a Chinese language course but incorporate other helpful strategies to learn Mandarin faster and easier. There is no shortcut to fluent speaking and writing Chinese. One needs constant practice. The following are some strategies that will assist you when learning Mandarin.

  1. Join or form a group

Singapore has numerous Chinese language enthusiasts. On top of that, you do not have need to meet them in person if you are busy. Various online platforms provide the option to form a cohort learning Mandarin. Such groups create healthy competitions that keep learners on their toes. You will also be able to challenge or be challenged by other Singaporeans.

  1. Be inquisitive

A know-it-all attitude will only hinder your progress. As with any subject, asking questions is the best way to learn. This strategy is favourable for newbies because it allows you to talk less and gain more. When you are stuck in a conversation, it is always prudent to ask for clarification. Do not assume you will get the point of the discussion. To keep a conversation flowing even when you understand a few words, ask questions. Pay attention to the phrasing of replies. This approach will help you to learn the dialect and body language.

  1. Practice in chunks

You will never be able to learn the entire Mandarin dictionary in a week or two. Therefore, stop trying to cram the words. Make attempts to use the vocabulary you have learned during the day. The more you try to master a hundred words in a single day, the harder it is for you. You will realise you have stagnated in the process of memorising and forgetting. In one week, you can concentrate on types of food, the next on attire, and so on.

  1. Master the fundamentals

Grasping the basic concepts of a language makes learning a walk in the park. First, understand the letters of the alphabet and the most common characters. The basics give you clues to understanding complex words or phrases. It is vital to comprehend the intonations used when pronouncing Mandarin words. You can make use of audio dictionaries when you search for the meaning of a word and listen to the pronunciation. After listening, try to pronounce the word regularly until that you are confident of using the word in your speech.

  1. Go all-Mandarin

You should not be interested merely in speaking and writing the language but also learning other significant aspects of the natives. Learn their culture, watch their movies, sing their songs and cook their dishes. This will give you a sense of belonging and inner motivation to master Mandarin. Though it may be difficult to comprehend the language like a native, you will not be far off with this approach.

The Chinese language is rated one of the most difficult to learn. However, patience and persistence will give you positive results. To learn the Chinese language in Singapore, you would need a native or fluent speaker to guide you. That is why it is crucial to come up with a group that you can share objectives with. Immersion in Mandarin culture will provide an excellent recipe for a fully baked Chinese language speaker. Since you have decided to pick up Mandarin, your attitude will determine how far you go.