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    How to Learn Chinese Language and Introduce it to your Kids? | Skillsfuture language courses Whether it is your mother tongue or second language, teaching your kids can be challenging and fun. As they always say, “start young’ is true. Kids especially those of kindergarten age can be the best time to expose them to a new language. Always consider the fact that kids don’t have enough patience to stay focused on one thing or activity. There should be a great mix of both fun and learning. You can start at home

    Techniques and Methods Learning Chinese Language   You may find a lot of articles around the internet that will tell you methods and sure-fire techniques that will make learning Chinese easy as 1-2-3. But in applying choosing a method or a strategy to study the language there are factors that you need to consider. Decide what you want to learn Studying Chinese requires a lot of time and effort because it is a language that is high in complexity, both in written and verbal aspects. It’s a good thing to take the whole task apart and

    You decide to learn a foreign language and mention to someone that you’d like that foreign language to be Chinese. Their reaction is the same as if you’d said “I’m going to build a rocket to the moon!” This makes you doubt your decision. Why should I learn Chinese? Let me set the record straight. There are many reasons why Chinese would be a great second language to learn. First, there are over a billion people in China now, and business is booming. It’s home to one of the world’s top trading

    Ten Insights Into Learning Chinese as a foreign language Learning a foreign language calls for the commitment of time and effort. Having basic tips and techniques for learning a new language makes Learning Chinese in Singapore fun. Here are ten tips and techniques on mastering the Chinese language: Don’t make assumptions People take Chinese as a difficult language to learn yet it’s one with the easiest grammar and a sentence structure that corresponds to that of English Never be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be self-conscious and ashamed. Correction of mistakes makes learning