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O LEVEL CHINESE IDIOMS SERIES 2In the previous series of O level Chinese Idioms, we taught you 10 idioms (成语). In this series, we're going to teach you another 10. These are useful for Chinese composition writing and oral examinations.冠冕堂皇(guàn miǎn táng huáng) “冠冕堂皇”literally means that “assume dignified airs like people who wear coronets, diadems or other insignia of high office”. It basically means “high-sounding” or “impressive looking”. Here’s an example: “他的藉口可真冠冕堂皇”   “tā de jiè kǒu kě zhēn guàn miǎn táng huáng”    “His excuse was a beaut.”骑虎难下(qí hǔ nán xià) “骑虎难下” literally means “riding a

O Level Chinese Idioms SeriesLearn Mandarin Can Be a lot easier. In this series of O level Chinese Idioms, we will teach you 10 idioms that are useful for composition writing and oral examinations.过眼云烟(guò yǎn yún yān) 过眼云烟(guò yǎn yún yān) means passing clouds. It can be used to describe some unimportant things for someone. Also it also means that something passes quickly. For example, “往事犹如过眼云烟” “wǎng shìyóu rú guò yǎn yún yān.” “Memories have completely become the past”大势已去 (dà shì yǐ qù) “大势已去” means something is on the decline. For example: “由于大势已去,项羽自刎于乌江” “Yóu yū dà