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    Chinese Etiquette to learn in a Chinese language course | Approved by Skillsfuture credits There is no excuse in observing proper etiquette. No matter where ever you are in the world, there are etiquettes that are needed to be followed. One of the best etiquettes to practice is the Chinese etiquette. Before you travel to China use your SkillsFuture credit program to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture, here are some of the classroom etiquettes you have to know to follow in a Chinese classroom: When the teacher comes in When the teacher enters

    What’s the difference between Learning Mandarin language and Cantonese Both are the same tonal Chinese languages that shared the same writing system until 1956. However both are different in a lot of ways and forms like pronunciation, grammar and lexicon. One of the major differences is how the spoken word is written. Mandarin reader may understand a few written Cantonese but totally cannot understand each other when speaking. If you are planning to study Chinese language, the most practical dialect will be the Mandarin as it is being used widely compared

    What To Look For When Choosing The Right Chinese Language School in Singapore | Skillsfuture courses Everyone knows that learning or knowing how to speak a different language is always an advantage because it increased your job opportunities and earning potential. It also helps your career development. Everyone also knows that learning or studying a different language isn’t easy, but it is not also impossible. In fact, there is a lot of programs and movements in every country to help you develop your skills like the SkillsFuture Courses.   SkillsFuture is a national

    What to Prepare Before Learning Chinese? | WSQ SkillsFuture approved courses Chinese is a diverse language that is gaining worldwide popularity and now becoming almost a “must learn”. It is top listed among the ten most used languages in the world, mainly because of the most number of populations. However upon learning Chinese language, there are different dialects that you have to consider. You even might want to enroll yourself to a language center like us where our courses are SkillsFuture approved, to have a better training on this subject. To

    The Importance of Learning Mandarin in Business Community | SkillsFuture courses   Have you ever seen a country without a product that isn’t “Made in China”? It’s hard to find a place like that, right? Mainly because most of the products, even though it is an American brand, it is being assembled in China.   Right now, it’s not just their products are the one dominating the world because according to survey, one of the most spoken language in the world is Mandarin or Cantonese. It’s also the main reason why a lot of

    Basic Chinese Pronunciation Problems And Their Solutions SkillsFuture Language Courses is one of the top courses that is being taken by people nowadays. One of their leading language course is Chinese Edge's Conversational Chinese Group Class. Chinese language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is also one of the most difficult languages to learn. So, if you are planning to take Chinese Classes, then you should know the basic error that a non-native Chinese speaker usually makes. One of the common mistake people usually make when speaking