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5 Awesome Learning Apps for Chinese Language Students | Skillsfuture Language Courses With the current era that we now have, almost everything is now possible. All the things that was hard to do before seems very much easy now, thanks internet and thanks to the people behind it. On of the things that may seem be hard before was Learning Chinese language, good thing there are Skillsfuture language courses that are offered that makes learning Chinese language easy. But aside from the WSQ approved language courses, here are 5 very awesome learning

How to improve you Chinese pronunciation It is very important nowadays to learn how to speak Chinese and pronounce correctly. If ever you plan to travel or do business in China, then it is a must for you not just to learn their language but also correctly pronounce them. There are many ways to improve your Chinese pronunciation and Chinese Lessons Singapore will teach you some of these ways. Learn the four major kinds of tones It is always recommended that you should learn first the four kinds of tones of speaking in

The Four Main Tones of Mandarin Explained | Skillsfuture Courses Before learning and studying Mandarin Classes Singapore through the SkillsFuture language courses that are offered, you may want to do some basic researching first. So as you should need to know by now, though learning Mandarin may seem to others like it just have one tone, Mandarin is in fact a tonal language. And it has four main tones that are being used to clarify and emphasize the meaning of words. So here are the four main tones of Mandarin: 1.            First