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How to Overcome Mandarin Language Learning Difficulties | Skillsfuture Language Courses Most learners think Mandarin language is difficult, but it is, in fact, the other way around. This language is very similar to learning the English complete with its sentence parts. Though the alphabet characters might be quite confusing, once you start learning the basics, the rest just comes along flowing. Chinese Mandarin is one of the major languages spoken in Singapore and with its ethnicity of 74% of the total population are Chinese –Singaporeans. To be able to bust off the

Effective Learning Techniques in Learning Chinese | Books, Novels and Chinese Music Learning Chinese language can be very complex especially if you don’t have enough background about it. There are a lot of things to consider before jumping into the idea of studying this course. Getting started can be very difficult if you do it all by yourself. Our SkillsFuture approved Chinese courses offer effective teachings in learning Chinese. Enrolling to a formal study will surely enlighten you on how interesting this subject matter will be. In order for you to get

Tips on How to Sound Fluent in Chinese Language You know a good amount of words in the Chinese Language, you know how to use them and can hold yourself in an average conversation in Chinese, and now you want to sound fluent in the language? Then you are one of many people who has the same reachable ambition. If you know the right words to say and can express yourself in Chinese language, then you are already half way there, there are just some few things you need to do and