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Ten Insights Into Learning Chinese as a foreign language

Ten Insights Into Learning Chinese as a foreign language

Ten Insights Into Learning Chinese as a foreign language

Learning Chinese as a foreign language

Learning a foreign language calls for the commitment of time and effort. Having basic tips and techniques for learning a new language makes Learning Chinese in Singapore fun. Here are ten tips and techniques on mastering the Chinese language:

  • Don’t make assumptions

People take Chinese as a difficult language to learn yet it’s one with the easiest grammar and a sentence structure that corresponds to that of English

  • Never be afraid to make mistakes.

Don’t be self-conscious and ashamed. Correction of mistakes makes learning progress.

  • Practice.

Don’t give up because of mistakes instead keep practicing.

  • Persist learning

Make a certain period of learning and strictly stick to the plan.

  • Love Chinese

Love Chinese without being a control freak

  • Give Chinese quantifiers special attention

Bear in mind that no direct correspondence exists in two languages regarding quantifiers.

  • Stick to the standard Chinese pinyin

The Chinese language is tonal, and a change of one’s voice upon a single syllable can produce different words with multiple meanings. You must stick to the standard pinyin.

  • Speak first, then read and write

Concentrate on learning to speak first then deal with the written language.

  • Repetition and patience

Repeat writing of vocabularies with patience.

  • Involve all your activities

Make the best of anything that offers you a real-life scenario with colour and joy.

With these tips and techniques, you find maximisation of learning efficiency, minimization of time spent and fun and joy when Learning Chinese in Singapore.

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