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    Learning Chinese the Fun and Easy Way

    If you want to learn Chinese the easy and practical way that will get you speaking Chinese immediately, you have come to the right place! Here at Chinese Edge the emphasis will be on speaking and listening follow by how to read and write Chinese.

    Many people assume that learning Chinese is very difficult. With our structured Mandarin lesson plan, the goal is for you to start speaking Chinese as soon as possible. Learning new Mandarin sentences that you would use in everyday conversation will serve to build up your confidence.

    At Chinese Edge our Mandarin courses will enable you to speak Chinese, giving you all of the fundamentals that you need to know about Chinese language to have a solid foundation. After that, you can progress to the next higher level.

    There is a saying “practice makes perfect”, so learning Chinese is really like learning any other language. That’s the truth. But you need to have the right teacher, a well-structured lesson plan, quality teaching materials and good learning Chinese language institute.

    See below what our students say about their Chinese learning journey with us.

    Anne MacKaye


    My Chinese teacher comes to my house for lessons twice a week, and I found myself improving a lot and start to speak Mandarin to my Chinese friends. Thank you Chinese Edge.

    Richard Paterson


    When I was looking for a job in Singapore, I had more free time to explore to Chinese learning with an intensive schedule. Chinese edge trainers Judy and Claire customized the lessons to my day-to-day needs as well as helped me to learn the language for an interview. My interviewer was so surprised to find me speaking some simple Chinese with a bit accent. Then I got the job offer and will start my work soon. I will surely come back to Chinese learning when I have my next holiday. But no worries, Judy laoshi, I will be frequently travelling to China and practice my Chinese there. Xie xie Chinese Edge!

    Janet Hardy

    Janet Hardy Private Mandarin Lesson

    I’m frequently travelling around Asia, which makes it hard for me to commit to any regular lessons. Chinese Edge has sent Ms. Luo to my office to teach me. Their flexible scheduling lets me take lessons anytime I like. Furthermore, my teacher tailors the lessons to my working requirements. I’m happy to greet my Chinese colleagues and learn funny slangs.

    Lynette Vann

    Lynette Vann

    I’m taking lessons with my colleagues 1 lesson per week. The good thing of Chinese Edge class is that I can communicate with my colleagues in class and the topics we are learning are very related to our daily work. I can see the progress on my Chinese and happy to go with my colleagues to try the HSK exam soon.

    Derrick Decarlo

    Derrick Decarlo

    I was a bit upset after I learnt Chinese in Singapore for 2 months as my Chinese colleagues told me I started to pick up some local accent. When I called Chinese Edge up, my teacher Elaine who is from Beijing immediately taught me some methods to practice my pronunciations. Now I’m with Elaine for 6 months; I can feel that my accent gets better, and she also shares her knowledge on contemporary China with me. I’m very happy with my learning experience at Chinese Edge and will surely recommend them to everyone.

    Leo Hansen

    Leo Hansen

    I have enjoyed my Chinese language learning journey with Chinese Edge, their syllabus from Hanban and female Native trainers are excellent. Surely will recommend to anyone who is keen to learn Chinese.

    Frank Kingsman


    Chinese Edge has the right trainers for my Mandarin learning, I always choose to have Native Speaker as my teacher so that I am learning the perfect Chinese language.

    Gavin Haris


    My teacher Teresa is great. She is always patient and nice to us. Besides the content in the book, she is always happy to answer all our questions and prepared more conversations related to daily life. I feel I can use Chinese after class. Now I’m learning level 3 with Chinese Edge, and I think there is one day I will go to the advanced levels.

    Luca Probst

    Luca Group

    The location of Chinese Edge is just a few steps way from my office. It’s very convenient for me to take group lessons as I think it’s more interactive when I learn with other students. The lessons are communicative, and I have learnt not only on a daily conversation but also some basic business scenarios and Chinese culture. This helps me to understand my Chinese clients better. It’s great learning experience at Chinese Edge.

    Alison Doyle

    Alison Group

    I lived in Beijing for three years and started my Chinese learning journey there. I didn’t want to stop learning Chinese when I moved to Singapore half a year ago. However, it was not so easy to find a school providing higher level Chinese lessons until I found Chinese Edge. They have all levels of courses to suits for different levels of learners. With a small group of 4 people business Chinese lesson, I have learnt a lot on formal expressions on company introduction, negotiation and entertaining after a few lessons. The lesson is totally conversational and even suitable for people who don’t know Chinese characters, just like me. Now I start to learn some basic characters too and my aim is to pass HSK 4 next year. I will surely continue to learn Chinese with Chinese Edge.

    Peter Crossley

    Peter Shane

    We have taken the Beginner Mandarin Class with Chinese Edge and our use of Mandarin now has improved, even our Chinese friends are surprised to see our progress. Thank you Chinese Edge.

    Julie Sherborn

    Julie Kids

    I have Chinese Edge to provide private Chinese tuition to my 3 kids as they only have one Chinese class weekly at their school. After completing the conversational level 1, I discover my kids are using simple Mandarin to communicate.

    Karen Valle

    Karen Group

    I got to know Chinese Edge from a friend who was their student, they warmly answered my queries when I called them up and promptly arranged a trainer for my lesson as I needed it urgently. After 3 months lessons with Lily, I’m now frequently travelling to Kunming and Chengdu. It’s amazing to find out that I can talk to my driver and colleagues to make it comfortable to work with them. I would surely recommend Chinese Edge to anyone who is looking for Chinese lessons.

    Melissa and Ryan private Chinese Class

    Melissa n Ryan

    Both Ryan and I have a lot of other classes and it’s not easy to plan our lessons with hectic schedules. Chinese Edge is very flexible to customize the lessons to our needs. Our patient teacher Lucy always prepares her lesson well with extra relevant materials that we are very interested. She even texts us on our self-learning progress when we are on our trips. Thank you Chinese Edge. Thanks for your dedicated trainer!

    Jun Jie Primary 6, Rulang Primary School

    Jun Jie

    My Mandarin teacher from Chinese edge teaching style is different from my school Chinese teacher. She will slow down the pace of learning and make me understand the Chinese words and reading before teaching new topics. I find the speed of learning is improving my Chinese better. Thank you Chinese Edge.

    Pricilla Koo Primary 5, River Valley Primary School

    I love my Chinese lesson at Chinese Edge and my teacher Xu laoshi is great and fun. We read story books together, and she teaches me Chinese poems too.  I like the Monkey King story and hope one day I can write my own story book in Chinese.

    Rashid, P6, Lakeside Primary School


    My kid was not interested in learning Chinese two years ago when I engaged him to. Thanks to Chinese edge and its great team, they have helped to raise the interest from my son and taught him in a fun and interactive way which now I can see him reading simple Chinese books and talk to his Chinese friends in school.

    Carol Tan Secondary 1, New Town Sec School

    Carol Tan and Sharon Yee Sec 1

    I was exposed to Chinese at very early age as my grandma couldn’t speak English. It was not hard for me to pass the school exams with a B or C but I was puzzled how to improve my Chinese to an A. Liu laoshi at Chinese Edge is a knowledgable teacher to solve all my problems and needs. At my first lesson, we had an assessment and she told me I should focus more on practice my reading to broad up my vocabulary. Liu laoshi is from China and experienced MOE teacher, she also corrects my accent to be proper Mandarin and taught me how to make confident presentations in Chinese as well and reading and writing. My Chinese grade has improved and very happy with my learning experience.

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