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Tips for Professionals Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Tips for Professionals Climbing the Corporate Ladder

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Are you planning on moving ahead in your career? A lot of us have jobs and we are grateful to be employed, however, we still have aspirations that one day we will climb the corporate ladder.

The truth is that opportunities don’t just fall down from the sky, you need to also work hard on your own to make it happen.

First things first, put yourself in your boss’s position, if you were the boss, what are the qualities to check for if you ever want to promote any of your employees. It’s a tough choice to make, right?

Check out these tips for climbing the corporate ladder.

  1. Know Your Boss

As an employee, you need to understand your boss to know what makes him tick. Make yourself appear likeable and spend most of your time in making your boss’s job easier. Try always to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the office and not to wait until they request for an update or a status report.

Feed them Intel on liabilities or job opportunities as the case may be. By being up and doing, you are bound to gain their respect and turn yourself into an indispensable asset.

  1. Document All your Accomplishments

Sometimes, you may perform so well, perhaps you won a tough client over or you closed a gigantic deal, your boss may never hear of your accomplishments. No one likes a braggart, all you have to do is pass a written note to your boss with words like “Thought you may like to see this”, or  “That was a tough client to win over”, or even  “It was a tough deal to close.”

In the eyes of your boss, you’re already a superstar, you’re fast-tracking your way to the top. If you have taken up a Chinese language course in Singapore, for example, it is strongly encouraged for you to include that in your resume! These days, it’s a valuable asset.

  1. Step Up and Grow Up

You need to up your game because the go-getters are the ones who progress to the next stage. Get to work early, be dependable, get projects assigned to you done early or on time while not compromising on the quality of your work.

You have to also be courageous and bold enough to take on tough tasks and accomplish it diligently and competently. Always stand out from the pack because your boss is perhaps looking for that determined and courageous person to take the project or program to the next level. Growing up also means to broaden your horizon, and hone some of your skills. You could learn a new skill or two during your spare time such as a business Chinese course in Singapore. 

  1. Be Generous

Never take credit for another person’s hard work. Accept blames when things go south, never resort to blame-shifting and finger-pointing. Share credit with your colleagues when it is due. By being generous, you will stand out as a role model.

Maintain your dignity at all times, always do the right things at the right time. Honesty is a virtue that all employers would value in an employee. Once you are true to your boss and true to yourself and adhere to these five tips, you have already propelled yourself to be chosen as a likely candidate to get promoted ahead of your colleagues.