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Tips on Achieving Fluency in Mandarin Under a Year

Tips on Achieving Fluency in Mandarin Under a Year

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The word fluency has different meanings for different learners and it completely depends on their objective to learn the chinese language. For the basic level learners, gaining fluency is all about learning some basic terms while for the advanced learners, it’s more about gaining fluency in speaking and writing, just like a native Chinese speaker.

Fluency is usually a combination of a variety of skills and there are quite a few interesting ways to practice and attain fluency in Mandarin. Some skills are obvious, which you’re already aware of but have never really pushed yourself harder in these. On the other hand, there are quite a few complicated ones that can become second nature with constant practice and time. Here are some tips on achieving fluency in Mandarin under a Year:

Keep Speaking frequently
This is applicable to all those who have a good grip on the theoretical part but can’t really express themselves in Mandarin. You learn the Chinese language by listening to others but you’ll get more fluent only by speaking more frequently. Passive speaking doesn’t always help; however, speaking can prove to be a game changer in this regard. Taking a trip to China is a great way to improve your fluency or you can even opt to practice with a language exchange partner.

Speaking with oneself
You might often fail to find a language exchange partner on a regular bias but don’t stop practising. Get on with the game by speaking with yourself, even if it sounds a little crazy but it actually helps you think quickly and use the phrases correctly. Go about doing your daily jobs and narrating the same to yourself. If you have a pet, start conversing with them in Chinese. This will help you practice properly and in a dedicated manner, even if no one else listens to you.

Thought Process
You have to think in Chinese before you even start speaking in Mandarin with others. The entire thought process has to be lined in such a way that even the most tasks that you perform or the decisions you take has to be thought and decided in Chinese.

Language Games
Often we tend to forget an appropriate word to carry on with our conversation or tend to simply get stuck around a word. The best way to eliminate this handicap is to find a way to talk around the word without the listener noticing it. However, you’ll have to keep practising this so that every time you get stuck with the vocabulary, you have your games to deal with the emergency.

Keep variety in topics: If you really wish to learn Chinese or even business chinese then it’s extremely important to start speaking on a variety of topics. You could start with going to Chinese courses in Singapore. This will enable you to cover a wide range of vocabulary and at the same time, you’ll get to speak about anything and everything, which will eventually improve your fluency.