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    TOP 9 Apps to Learn Chinese on the Go [Infographic]

    TOP 9 Apps to Learn Chinese on the Go [Infographic]

    “Learning is a Treasure that will Follow its Owner Everywhere…” – Chinese Proverb学习是永远跟随主人的宝物 [xué xí shì yǒng yuǎn gēn suí zhǔ rén dè bǎo wù]

    Today’s fast-paced lifestyle leaves us with hardly any time for ourselves, which is why studying can be challenging chore. You need to constantly motivate yourself and actively engage in learning activities, which in turn leave you feeling drained and tired.

    Looking for a quick and efficient solution? Choose on-the-go apps to make the most of your time while travelling. Mobile learning apps are the future, and can help you use your time more productively. This holds true – especially when you’re learning a language such as Chinese, that’s known for being intensive and time consuming.

    These are ideal for studying Chinese in a café or even the MRT. However, remember that ‘all apps are not created equal’. Some are not useful at all, so it’s important to pick the right ones to complement your Chinese classes.

    Here’s a helpful infographic we’ve created – that lists the top 9 apps for learning Chinese on-the-go in a fun manner:


    Here is a more detailed version for your reference:

      1. HELLOTALK
        This app enables users to practice their Chinese-speaking skills with native speakers. If you’re an English speaker, this is perfect for you. You can pick from a list of fellow users and contact them to become a language partner. There are various chatting options such as text, voice messages, voice calls and even video calls. Prefer writing? This comes with an in-built function to correct writing errors. You can also translate and pronounce written messages from English to Chinese and vice versa.


      1. FLUENTU
        If you like watching videos and audios, this is the right Chinese learning app for you. There are 6 levels – starting from Newbie and going up to Native. You can pick topics of your choice, ranging from culture to music videos and news. Users are exposed to 10-20 words in each video/audio, and quizzed on them to test character recognition, pinyin, word meaning, and sentence structure. Learn to apply words and expressions realistically with real-life formats.


      1. DECIPHER
        Keen on continuous learning? Improve your reading skills and expand your vocabulary with daily articles written by Chinese teachers. Local Chinese and international news is featured on this app, and you can choose the level of articles – from Easy to Advanced. The articles are kept short, which makes them ideal for daily reading, and contain native-speaker sound files and word meanings.


      1. MEMRISE
        This is a useful Chinese learning app designed for beginners. You can pick from different Chinese courses, which are designed for revising vocabulary and picking up new expressions – based on the user’s course level. Struggling with Chinese words? This app has illustrations to help learners associate the word with a picture. You can also pick from specialized courses such as Restaurant Survival, Chinese idioms, and Chinese provinces.


      1. SKRITTER
        Need to practice writing Chinese characters? This app enables you to remember over 90% of the characters you’re studying. It tracks your mistakes and shows you characters you still have to learn. Once you learn how to write the basic components of a word, you can end confusion as well as avoid common mistakes. Other features include pre-made flashcards, stats, addition of mnemonics, and audio reinforcement.


        This is a common name for few Chinese language apps, so make sure you get the right one (with the little old man as the icon). This is a game-based learning app, and you can earn points as you progress through learning pinyin, grammar, stroke order and vocabulary. Each lesson has a few stages and ends with a quiz before the next step. It also gives you pronunciation stages to practice out loud, plus the stroke order of different characters.


      1. CHILLINGO
        This is a trendy app that uses real Chinese teachers to host various courses. Certified teachers are chosen, which makes the experience similar to a classroom session. Each class has lessons focusing on grammar and vocabulary, and includes quizzes to test your skills. There’s also a bilingual cultural article given out each day, plus an additional new feature – a 1-on-1 live class.


      1. ANKI
        This is a very well-known app which helps you study with flashcards as well as review lessons and new words learnt. You can also create your own customized decks or download specific ones from the public database. This method of learning involves ‘active recall testing’, which strengthens your memory and helps you pinpoint your weaker areas. With close to 800 decks to choose from, you’ll surely find something that suits your needs!


        This app is ideal for students who’ve reached a more advanced level (HSK3/Intermediate). It’s an online newspaper that’s simplified for people learning Chinese, and consists of news on various subjects. These are written by native Chinese professors with the HSK vocabulary list. It has thousands of articles, an interactive dictionary, flashcards, simplified/traditional Chinese, and a list of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.


    Have you previously tried any of these apps? Tell us your favorites in the comments section below!