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Ways and Tips to Improve Chinese Language Skills

Ways and Tips to Improve Chinese Language Skills

Ways and Tips to Improve Chinese Language Skills

Improve Chinese Language Skills

Being fluent in another language is indeed a challenge, especially if you are learning a difficult one like Chinese. There’s just an inherent difficulty in mastering the language that no textbooks can remedy. However, you can still do certain things to improve Chinese language skills and speak it like a pro.


Learn Chinese in Singapore by Phrases

Chinese language experts suggest that when learning the language, it is better to do it by phrases. A Chinese vocabulary can mean a different thing when paired with another word. In fact, most students prefer to learn Chinese in ‘context’ as it is easier and more efficient rather than learning a vocabulary separately.


Don’t Dwell too much on Grammar

What makes Chinese a bit of a breather is the fact that it doesn’t pay much emphasis on grammatical rules. Unlike the English language which is complicated with all its verb conjugation and inflections, Chinese merely requires a particular word addition in giving you a hint whether the action is in the present or past tense. Its grammatical structure is also easier as compared to English learning.


Have more Active Learning

Exposure to the language is a great factor in mastering the Chinese language skills. The ability to accurately reproduce various Chinese tones proves to be a struggle by many students and can be best addressed through exposing yourself to the language. In fact, this concern about the Chinese tones was addressed by Yuen Ren Chao, a renowned Chinese linguist, and became a major topic in his journals.


Get a Private Tutor

Aside from having an active type of learning in a natural setting, a private Chinese tutor can also strengthen your foundations in the language. Private lessons allow you to have an in-depth study of the language; you can ask the instructor whenever you have clarifications, not to mention you’ll have the instructor’s full attention.


Despite the challenges and the inherent difficulty of the language, Improving Chinese language skills can be fun and exciting if you just know the right tips and tricks.