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    What Makes Mandarin Interesting & Why Should You Learn It?

    What Makes Mandarin Interesting & Why Should You Learn It?

    Learn Chinese Language, Chinese Language Course Singapore

    Is Mandarin really that complicated of a language? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on who you are asking.

    If you asked someone who appreciates languages, such as linguists, they’d tell you that the Chinese language is one of the greatest accomplishments of any civilizations.

    Why? The Chinese language is unique and was created based on what people back then saw with their very eyes. Think of it as communicating with photos.

    Instead of relying on cameras, the language relied on using symbols representing different things, such as humans, emotions, nature and elements.

    Structurally, Chinese has not really changed much since it was invented. The linguistic structure of written Chinese remains the same as it was many years ago.

    There is also the fact that the Chinese language can sound so different based on pronunciation and dialect.

    For example, Mandarin has 4 distinct tones, which is actually the least of all Chinese languages. In comparison. Cantonese has 6 tones, while Hokkien has 7 tones. Tibetan has 14, making it one of the more challenging languages to learn. But that is only if you’re planning on really investing time to get to know more about the Chinese language.

    Paired with the sub-dialect in every dialect, it usually varies from one area to another. Hence, it’s easy to see why Mandarin and other Chinese languages, have drawn the interest of many foreigners.

    Why it pays to learn Chinese

    A good reason why you should learn the Chinese language is that there are many situations where you can apply speaking multi languages daily.

    Regardless of whether you are a student or a working adult or a retired professional, you’ll always find a way to use your language skills.

    How so?

    For example, when you learn about the non-lettered alphabet and the different tones of Mandarin, you don’t just learn about its words and characters. You also learn about the language’s history, customs, and traditions. You don’t just pick up a language when you enroll yourself in a Singapore Chinese course, you also gain the opportunity to learn more about the culture of its people.

    This is an eye-opening experience that only a few people will ever get a chance to go through in their lives.

    Start learning Mandarin today

    Stop asking why and just start doing it today!

    Mandarin is quickly growing in popularity though it may never fully usurp English as the lingua franca of the world. However, it never hurts to pad your resume and make your curriculum vitae look better by displaying your fluency in languages.

    Learning Mandarin is not just for personal gains. In addition to boosting your career prospects outside of your current job, it might also benefit your company as well.

    So, what are you waiting for? Learn the Chinese language today and see how much of a difference it can make in your life and those around you.