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    Which Is Better: Learning Chinese Online Or Language School

    Which Is Better: Learning Chinese Online Or Language School

    Mandarin Course Singapore, Learn Mandarin Singapore

    Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to learn Mandarin online. People these days can use communication software such as Skype or FaceTime or any other tool to talk to their instructor. People these days can even learn a new language such as Chinese on their own by merely chatting with Native speakers from halfway across the globe consistently.

    Because of how convenient it is to learn online – it doesn’t require travel and classes can be adjusted to whenever you are available, which is why more and more people are starting to pick up the language.

    But what about enrolling in a Mandarin course in a physical class? Does it actually offer more benefits than learning online? Which is the ideal choice for you? Let’s find out.

    Why you should learn Chinese online

    1. Your home is a familiar and comfortable environment.

    Learning a new language is scary enough as it is. The last thing you need is to learn it along with strangers who might judge you for being too slow or taking too long to learn.

    Because you’re learning at home, you’ll find the comforting environment suited much more to an in-class setting.

    2. There’s no excuse to NOT go to class.

    The only reason why you won’t be able to attend your online Chinese class is if you have zero means of getting internet at that particular moment.

    3. It’s easy to record sessions for later viewing.

    Sessions done on your computer can quickly be recorded for later viewing and personal use.

    4. You have plenty more classes and instructors to choose from.

    You’re no longer just limited to the classes and schools available near you. You can take instructions from someone who’s halfway across the globe if you wanted.

    Why you should learn Chinese in a language school

    1. Immersion

    When you take a Mandarin course in person, there’s a likelihood that you’d be required to speak Mandarin at all times during class hours. This creates an immersive environment no different from being somewhere where everybody speaks Chinese.

    2. Standard learning

    In-person classes have a long history. Instructors are more used to the format. Not to mention, language schools often have to go through specific certifications, with their instructors needing to be certified to be able to teach Chinese in the first place.

    Even though you’ll have fewer options to choose from, learning Chinese in a language school helps guarantee the quality of your learning.

    3. Accountability

    It’s hard to keep yourself responsible when you’re comfortable. However, in language schools, you have instructors who will hold you accountable to your performance and will challenge you to do better every chance that they get.

    4. Networking

    In a language school, you’re surrounded by like-minded people. You’ll have a chance to make friends and socialize with your classmates, as well as your professors and other people. There’s also an increased chance to get involved within the social circles that can connect you with real-life professionals in China that may eventually lead to a legitimate job offer.

    A traditional language school is still far better for learning Mandarin than online. Although learning online does have its advantages, a traditional learning platform is much more fitting for the average learner.

    But, of course, the choice is always up to you.

    All learning formats can be useful in their own ways, so long as you put in the time and effort to make it work.