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Why Is It Difficult To Communicate In China

Why Is It Difficult To Communicate In China

why difficult to communicate in china

We all know that China is a Chinese speaking country. There’s no bilingual culture. Generally, most China Chinese only speak Mandarin.

You might have the impression from the news, friends, and social media that China has more English speaking people than any other country in the world. However, the truth might be different. You will be easily lost if you’re not in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, as most signs in China are still predominantly in Chinese characters. That means only people who understand Chinese can read.

Foreigners who can’t read Chinese? It’s your problem.

Why is there a language barrier in China?

Many Chinese college students only have the ability to pass basic English certification exam that help them to acquire their degree and get their first job.

This standard of English is very basic, equivalent to a primary 6 English education level.

Their speaking skills are not so great as well in order to help them to communicate well in a business world. They can communicate with you on a very superficial level, but they’ll take some time to think of what to say. It won’t be a natural free flowing kind of conversation.

Basically, if you’re a foreigner going to China to live for a while, you’ll probably struggle to cope during your first few months of say. Situations like these will be challenging for you:

  • going shopping
  • ordering food and drinks
  • visiting a doctor
  • travelling around with a map
  • going to the bank
  • going out with Chinese friends


To make it easy for you, it’ll be good if you have a companion who knows both Mandarin and English; that person can translate for you, and you can learn Mandarin from there. The fastest way to pick up a new language is to learn from a translator. Because he or she can translate whatever is said to you on the spot, so you can learn on the spot and have immediate feedback.

The overall initial experience could be quite frustrating.

You will feel like a dependent child who can’t do anything on his or her own. You’ll need to be prepared for this adjustment period, and the best way is to get the essential language ability.

Chinese Edge provides the real solution to this pain and problem. In fact, it’s the most efficient way to solve this problem. Our Chinese courses are based on communicative teaching methodology with all role-plays, immersions with oral practices. You will learn Mandarin language in many scenarios happened and needed in the daily life and work.