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Why It’s Crucial To Learn Chinese As An Additional Language

Why It’s Crucial To Learn Chinese As An Additional Language

Learn Chinese Language

Mandarin Chinese is the official language for Taiwan, China and Singapore. Even though Chinese is the official language of only three countries, you have to take into account the size of these three countries. China has a population of 1.4 billion people, Taiwan, 23.5 million and the smallest country out of the three, Singapore with a population of 5.3 million. According to worldometers.info, the world’s population will reach a whopping 7.7 billion by the end of 2018. If you do the math, Chinese speakers make up a full seventh of the world’s population. This makes Chinese one of the world’s largest languages.

If these numbers aren’t enough to convince and motivate you to start learning Chinese, here are a few other reasons why it’s important to learn Chinese as an additional language.

For travelling purposes 

Travelling in Asia, from Taiwan to Shanghai, would be much more entertaining and pleasant if you knew Chinese. Most locals can’t speak a word of English and this makes communication difficult. A lot of misunderstandings occur through incorrect app translations and this can cause huge frustrations between travellers and locals. Knowing a few beginner phrases would make asking for food, directions and other necessities much easier.

Also, do note that most restaurants don’t have English menus with pictures. Not only does learning Chinese teach you speaking, but also how to read and recognize Chinese characters.

For future business

 Chinese has a huge presence in the business world. Not being able to converse with Chinese businessman when you want to sign a contract or agree upon a deal can be a huge challenge without a translator.  When you start learning Chinese, you’ll discover that Chinese to English direct translation can be very inaccurate. Not knowing the true meaning of your Chinese business partner’s words can influence your business negatively.

Additionally, most business contracts which are in written in Chinese characters also state that when there are any problems all legal accounts should refer to the Chinese written contract and not the English one. So, if you’re planning on signing major Chinese deals, it’s probably best to start learning Chinese.

For personal growth

Learning Chinese can be a great addition to your personal and professional growth.

Cross-cultural awareness

It’s impossible to fully understand a culture unless you can speak their language. Communication is key to understanding and socializing. There’s no better experience than an older Chinese man sharing stories about ancient China, or a lovely restaurant owner in Singapore sharing her cooking secrets in their native tongue. If only you could understand what they were saying and ask them more.

Singapore, China and Taiwan are rich in heritage and culture, most locals are extremely interested in foreigners and don’t mind being approached and sharing information about their cities. Imagine the surprise on their face if you could speak Chinese to them.

If we don’t want to get lost in translation, it would be wise to start learning Chinese as soon as possible in order to understand Chinese culture, get ready for future business deals and also travel more comfortably