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Why Joining a Language School Makes Learning Mandarin Easier

Why Joining a Language School Makes Learning Mandarin Easier

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The decision to learn a new language is one that is worthy of praise. It is the first step into becoming a better communicator and having a better prospect in life. Generally, learning a new language only brings about benefits. However, the process of learning a new language like Chinese is not an easy task. In fact, merely deciding whether to learn the Chinese language at a language school, hire a personal tutor, or learn it on your own, may be perplexing enough.

That is why we are here to clear up some confusion and help you make a wise decision.

Why you should learn Chinese through a language school

Many people who are interested in learning the Chinese language in Singapore often avoid language schools because they think that the methodology is similar to the compulsory language classes taught in school. However, that’s not entirely true.

You may indeed be given readings in a language school. The instructor may even use flashcards, as well as other teaching materials. However, it is also true that language schools are oriented for adult learners. This means that they have streamlined the learning process to focus more on teaching students how to understand and communicate. This is in opposition to learning only how to translate and copy, which is what’s usually done in language classes during your earlier years of education.

Language schools also emphasize building up a sizable vocabulary of the language first, while letting you go through a crash course on Mandarin. Generally, language schools will assist you in learning Mandarin from scratch.

Language schools may be known infamously for the lack of engagement. However, that is a huge misconception. Most language schools place their reputation in high regards, and they seek to provide only the best experience for their students. Most prominent language schools will require students to speak only in Chinese during class hours and encourage conversations among each other in Chinese.

By encouraging students to learn Mandarin from the ground up without feeling embarrassed about making mistakes, language schools create a more positive learning experience. Students are confident to try and converse in Chinese without having a fear of being ridiculed for making mistakes.

Is joining a Mandarin course enough to master the language?

While most schools offer daily classes, a common concern among Chinese language learners is whether they will receive sufficient practice from simply enrolling in a Mandarin course.

While the concern is valid, a couple of classes in a week is definitely adequate to learn Chinese.

Certainly, the faster you master the Chinese language, the better. Instead of relying solely on the language school, you can ask your instructors for tips on how you can learn Chinese on your own at home. You can even try doing some learning on your own by touring around Chinese heritages to gain more knowledge on the Chinese culture.

It is important to note that the best way to learn the Chinese language is through constant practice. By paying attention and focusing during your language classes, as well as with constant practice, you will definitely gain fluency in Mandarin in no time.