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Why Learning The Chinese Language Is Difficult But So Worth It

Why Learning The Chinese Language Is Difficult But So Worth It

Mandarin Course Singapore

Anyone who tells you that learning Chinese isn’t difficult is lying to you.

Learning the Mandarin language is NOT easy.

From the alien-like writing system and characters to the vastly different pronunciation, Chinese could very well be an alien language in the eyes of anyone who doesn’t speak it.

But, while learning Chinese is tough, it’s also worth it.

Why? Because of the following reasons.

1. China’s booming economy is only going to grow stronger

China’s status as a global superpower can no longer be denied. They’re the world’s largest global economy and the country’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With China being at the forefront of the world’s economy, there’s an increase in the demand of people to move over to bridge the gap between the country and the rest of the world, and vice versa.

That’s where you come in.

Being knowledgeable in the Chinese language is beneficial to your career. If you’re fluent in Chinese, your prospects of landing on a good position in your career will go up considerably.

2. Being multilingual makes you a better hire with higher pay

Be it starting a new career or seeking to get promoted, being multilingual helps.

We’ve already established how learning Chinese gives your career a boost, but we’re not just talking about better prospects here. If you know how to speak Chinese and English fluently, you can negotiate to have higher wages than your contemporaries.

The biggest companies are always on the lookout for employees that bring value to them.

Knowing how to speak Chinese can help turn you into one of those said employees.

3. Experience China like a native 

China has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and studying it can be quite the experience.

While it’s true that there are ways to study Chinese history in English, the best way to experience what China truly has to offer is if you knew how to speak, read, and write Chinese.

China only recently opened up, and already, there’ve been rumblings that it’s going to slowly close itself from the rest of the world once again.

But, the truth is, that hasn’t happened just yet. Even if China does close itself from foreign countries once again, that doesn’t mean that the language is no longer useful. This is because China’s expansion is so fast that, even if the worst does indeed happen, the Chinese language will still already be out there, thanks to China’s current and growing influence on the rest of the world.

The combination of globalization, as well as China’s increasing reach is only going to make the Chinese language more relevant to the rest of the world as time goes on.

Is Chinese ever going to overtake English? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s not what we’re here to talk about.

We’re here to talk about whether taking up a Mandarin course in Singapore is worth it, and it is, for the reasons that we stated above. There are many other reasons as well, and you’ll come to know about them once you start learning Chinese.