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    Why Non-Chinese Speaking Expats Need To Understand Chinese

    Why Non-Chinese Speaking Expats Need To Understand Chinese

    Learn Chinese Language, Learn Chinese Singapore

    More and more expats are moving to Chinese speaking countries either for business in China, studying a Mandarin course in Singapore or travelling while working online in Taiwan.

    It is vital that these expats realize that for them to really excel in these Chinese speaking countries, they need to learn the Chinese language.

    Even though Chinese speakers aren’t that globally dispersed there are more than 1.7 billion speakers in Asia. Here are four reasons why expats need the Chinese language in their lives.

    Frequently used for daily conversations

    The first and most obvious reason is that expats need Chinese for their everyday errands. Not knowing how to order food or setup Wi-Fi in your apartment can be a big headache when you can’t communicate with the person helping you.

    Not even knowing basic sentences or instructions can make an expat feel helpless when going about their daily routine. When you are an expat in Singapore, try taking a part-time Mandarin course to help you with basic Chinese phrases.

    Better living conditions

    It is no secret that foreigners are flooding to Chinese speaking countries because of great business opportunities and better salaries.

    Not only does knowing Chinese optimize your chances of getting a very successful job in Singapore, China and Taiwan, but it also allows you to live in a safer environment.

    Fresh produce is sold at a fraction of the price that they’re sold in Western countries, and salaries match experience and University degrees.

    Not to mention that Chinese speaking countries are much safer to live in, with crime rates being lower than in Western countries. You could walk the streets after dark without worrying about your safety or being held at gunpoint.

    Being able to speak Chinese could also help you to communicate with authorities when you come across a situation where you need their help.

    When you want to climb the business ladder

    “Chinese is the language of wealth” is a quote I’ve heard many Westerners use to describe Chinese. This is true!

    Many Chinese businesses give opportunities to grow professionally and promote professional growth as part of the Chinese journey. For you to climb the business ladder successfully, you should be able to communicate and bargain with Chinese business counterparts.

    Making deals and setting up steel proof contracts are a big part of Chinese businesses. When you want a slice of the pie, you need to be able to speak Chinese to be successful – enough reason for you to learn the Chinese language.

    Better working environment

    If you’re an expat working in a Chinese speaking country like Singapore, you will know that your Chinese colleagues will have much more respect for you converse in their language.

    Being able to speak Chinese with colleagues whose English aren’t that good could help you achieve a more positive and social working environment.

    Some expats never get to use Chinese during their stay in a Chinese speaking country. Being able to speak and understand the language opens up many doors not just socially but also professionally.