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    4 Must-Watch Dramas To Dive Into The Chinese Culture With

    4 Must-Watch Dramas To Dive Into The Chinese Culture With

    4 Must-Watch Dramas To Dive Into The Chinese Culture With

    Amidst the ever-extending quarantine, what better time than now to take on a brain workout and pick up a new language as relevant as Mandarin? Privileged as we are as users of the internet, there’s no limit to the sheer amount of resources that could supplement our learning journey. On top of the enriching Mandarin courses in Singapore, speed up the process of learning by delving into the culture of the natives. While vacations remain on hold until further notice, here is a list of wholesome Chinese dramas for your vicarious pleasures!

    The Bad Kids (隐秘的角落)

    Owing to the fantastic chemistry between the cast, fantastic film-like cinematography and gripping plot, The Bad Kids has garnered several accolades and sweeping praise. The drama kicks off with a scene of three children who accidentally record a murder committed by their soft-spoken math teacher. As the children become involved with the murder suspect, it makes a case far more complicated and twisted than it lets on. The audience is yanked along the unpredictable twists, and it is clear that the haunting plot received impressive ratings with good reason.

    Perfect and Casual (完美先生和差不多小姐)

    This lighthearted romantic comedy revolves around some of the most typical yet popular tropes. “Clumsy Girl Meets Icy Male God”, enemies to lovers, forced cohabitation — you name it. The plot surrounds a contractual marriage between aloof and bossy university lecturer Zhang Si Nian and the ever-cheerful and laid-back Yun Shu. With the contract shoved aside as their feelings grow, the drama showcases sickeningly sweet scenes that showcase the actors’ natural on-screen chemistry.

    You Are My Hero (你是我的城池营垒)

    Several drama fanatics have likened You Are My Hero as mainland China’s counterpart to the smash hit K-drama Descendants Of The Sun. The story follows resident doctor Mi Ka and elite special forces officer Xing Ke Lei, whose fates intertwine as they operate in a task-force team at the epicentre of a deadly earthquake. As they work tirelessly side-by-side amidst the unpredictable life-or-death situations, romantic feelings blossom in a heartwarming story of courage and leadership. With the superb acting, character arcs and soundtrack, You Are My Hero is not one to be skipped.

    Hunting (猎狐)

    Supported by China’s Ministry of Public Security, Hunting is a 44-episode series that follows an economic investigation team to track down eminent fugitives and carry out multi-country cross-border pursuits. Boasting a star-studded ensemble cast that includes A-lister Wang Kai and veteran Liu Yijun, the drama covers the decade from 2006 to 2016 — the time frame during which the flow of hot money into China was at its peak. Hunting is adapted from actual cases and is loosely based on “Sky Net”, the code name for INTERPOL and China’s international anti-corruption chase operation.


    Works of TV and Film have long shown us how multifaceted, talented actors make scripts and their written language come to life. Through their miniscule yet significant shifts in expressions, viewers can pick apart cultural nuances, once-foreign slang, and basic vocabulary. Take a pick and boost your Mandarin skills, even outside of lesson time! With the vast amount of dramas readily available, you’ll be able to continue learning Chinese online and with much ease.