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    The Importance of Learning Mandarin in Business Community | SkillsFuture courses   Have you ever seen a country without a product that isn’t “Made in China”? It’s hard to find a place like that, right? Mainly because most of the products, even though it is an American brand, it is being assembled in China.   Right now, it’s not just their products are the one dominating the world because according to survey, one of the most spoken language in the world is Mandarin or Cantonese. It’s also the main reason why a lot of

    5 Common Mistakes with Chinese email writings There are by far 5 common mistakes with Chinese email writings and speech.  Learning Chinese can be both challenging and interesting. Most Chinese learners make mistakes while drafting emails. Below are five common mistakes with Chinese email writings. Forgetting to open and close the Business Email Most learners do not remember to open the conversation with a greeting and signing off. An email that does not adhere to this rule sounds harsh and demanding. Forgetting to include the subject Emails, unlike letters have a provision for writing the

    For years now, American business has been on top. America is now, and has been, the world’s leading economy.  But, CNN Money reports that China is moving up fast. In fact, according to U. S. News, these positions will be reversed by the year 2029. If you want to be a player in this shifting market, learning to communicate with your English or Chinese speaking counterparts on the global stage can be of enormous help. There are a number of benefits to learning business Chinese language as a skill. Foremost, it shows