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    How to Learn Chinese Characters: The Beginners’ Guide | SkillsFuture Language Course With the Chinese language being used, spoken and written by roughly 20% of the total world population, the yearn to learn it is definitely normal. Chinese character writing, in particular, is an art form on its own and whether you want to learn it for communicating or just for the beauty of its art, you have to start somewhere. Skillsfuture language courses give you, a beginner, a few pointers that you need to know if you want to start

    5 Common Mistakes with Chinese email writings There are by far 5 common mistakes with Chinese email writings and speech.  Learning Chinese can be both challenging and interesting. Most Chinese learners make mistakes while drafting emails. Below are five common mistakes with Chinese email writings. Forgetting to open and close the Business Email Most learners do not remember to open the conversation with a greeting and signing off. An email that does not adhere to this rule sounds harsh and demanding. Forgetting to include the subject Emails, unlike letters have a provision for writing the

    The Best Cities to Learn Mandarin in Southeast Asia If you’re a native English speaker and are planning on learn Mandarin Singapore, then you better have a good reason for learning it. Why? Because learning a new language will take time and learning it with a purpose will give you the motivation and patience that you will need to push through the language learning difficulties. Mandarin is a tonal language wherein the meaning of the word changes depending on the tone. In addition, there are thousands of characters and difficult writing

    Top Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin Today!     While it is admirable to pay homage and master our mother tongue, learning a foreign language or two can give us more benefits than what we initially thought. More and more people have shown interest to learn Chinese Mandarin nowadays, and we can’t help but wonder why. In today’s article, we are going to check out the top reasons why you should learn Mandarin today! Learning How to Speak Chinese Will Give You an Economic Advantage It is undeniable that China has dominated the world’s